A combination of a cold pack and a large, super absorbent sanitary towel with strips (2 in 1) for single use only during the postnatal period

The tailor-made cold pack sooths the injured and sensitive perineal area, and provides releasing and pleasant feeling in the postnatal period

Helps the swelling go down

Relieves the symptoms of inflammations that may occurr

The cold promotes haemostasis

Promotes faster recovery

Practical use without refrigeration


Bring product to room temperature before activating


Hold the fluid pack by left and right sides, break it.


Keep shaking the pack for 5-10 seconds until the content well blended, then temperatures starts to fall


Take off the plastic packing, and then apply the cold pack to the affected area

The cold compress effect can last for more than 30 minutes.
For single use only, discard after use.

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