MomCare by Lina’s Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

16 990 Ft


  • 3 pieces of IcePad
  • 1 Portable Bidet
  • 1 Witch Hazel and Sweet Amber Perineal Healing Foam

MomCare by Lina Portable Bidet

Washer for Perineal Recovery and Cleansing After Birth

  • Can also be used to clean during menstruation, hemorrhoids or travelling
  • Made to be held upside down, includes narrow angled neck for comfortable continuous stream of relief in the right spot
  • Holds 3dl water and comes with waterproof storage bag for on-the-go
  • Easy cleaning down there during limited mobility recovery without putting pressure on soreness or incision
  • Hospital bag essential

MomCare by Lina IcePad

2-in-1 – Postpartum Instant Cold Therapy Packs and Absorbent Maternity Pad in one

  • Instant first aid ice packs built into the pad that delivers the recommended 30-minute therapy window
  • No freezer necessary
  • Pad absorbs 260g of liquid beyond the cold therapy period
  • Super soft top layer for comfort in the perineal area and option to use for soft cold therapy on c-section incision
  • Pad covers the entire perineal area from front to back with an adhesive back for easy application and removal.
  • Quantity recommended after delivery: 3-6 pieces
  • Hospital bag essential

MomCare by Lina Witch Hazel and Sweet Amber Perineal Healing Foam

Healing Foam for Postpartum Care

  • Relieves Pain and Reduces Swelling for Perineal Area
  • Foam gets where you need it to cover the entire perineal area
  • Speeds up healing of hemorrhoids, perineal tears, stitches, and the entire perineal area after labor and child birth
  • Made with medicated witch hazel – no dyes or fragrances
  • Use after the first postpartum bathroom trips at the hospital and back at home. Pump directly on top of MomCare IcePad or other normal maternity pad
  • Cosmetics
  • Made in EU
  • Hospital bag essential
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