I was excited about my pregnancy, getting ready for the birth of my first child and eager to meet the new baby, and I really mean it.

Yet I felt completely unprepared and shaken by how intense recovery from birth would be and shocked by the lack of solutions available to help us, women, heal after birth.

Now I realise that the openness of female communities often vanishes in the halls of maternity ward, and the doctors do not necessarily tell us about the unpleasant realities of post-birth recovery.

But beating about the bush is of no use. In fact, child labour is excruciatingly painful for most of us.

But is it worth it? Of course, it is! I would do it again in a heartbeat.  However, even a mild, “easy” child birth is bound to leave the mother feeling uncomfortable and sore due to cuts, swelling and, in case of C-section, wounds, making postpartum essentially difficult.

I have experienced it twice, so I know what it is like to feel that tightness, beating and burning sensation. It hurt all over….

But trust me, you don’t have to be in pain!

My own experience prompted me to leave home remedies behind and develop an innovative solution that is practical, hygienic and mom-friendly. This is when the MomCare Ice-Pad was born.

The MomCare Ice-Pad is a perfect fusion providing adsorbent qualities of sanitary pads and the cooling effects of an ice pack. With a single step, it helps to ease pain and keeps you safe and clean.

I believe that the practice of self-care and the welfare of mothers go hand in hand, and ultimately lead to better care for baby. Therefore, it is essential that by minimising postpartum discomfort, the amicable moments of bonding between the mother and child can be realised.

I am aiming to provide the mothers with all the tools that can help ease postpartum pains and make their transition into motherhood as seamless as possible.

The first product released in 2014 was the MomCare by Lina IcePad, and our selection has since enhanced with 9 additional items.

I created the MomCare by Lina Hospital pack, which is used in easy three steps and contains everything moms need for the early stages of motherhood. The hospital pack includes three IcePads, one Portable Bidet and one Witch hazel&Sweet Amber healing and repairing foam.

A couple of months ago, I prepared for the birth of my daughter with more confidence this time. I had the Hospital pack with me. My post-birth recovery was faster and less painful, and I was able to dedicate my all attention to our new bundle of joy.


Doctors, nurses and experienced mothers recommend our products. No more taboo, because more and more of us know: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IN PAIN!

Sallai-Sárosi KataLina

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