Cooperating partners

Dr. Ágnes Dékány

obstetrician-gynecologist, perinatal consultant

I have been using Momcare products for some time now and truly like them. I was thrilled when Kata asked me to represent her products officially and agreed with no hesitation.

My name is Agnes Dekany, I am  an obstetrician-gynecologist, perinatal consultant, the “Szülni jó!” center owner and avid natural birth advocate. I have been working with Kata for many, many years.

My first impression of the Momcare products that they were thoughtfully made to address real necessities and problems. This is not some hastily created merchandise that can be sold with good marketing efforts but rather the opposite. Each item has been carefully designed, tested and manufactured in response to essential needs of expectant mothers and their families.

I am especially pleased that all products are made within a realm of Hungarian company and that my personal opinion contributed to the design and development work.

I am happy to share that starting this year Kata and I will work side by side within the framework of cooperation to better serve the expectant mothers, their families and the community.

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